Combining Public Relations and SEO for a Successful Business

01 Mar, 2023 Branding Through SEO

The Internet has become the largest domain for expanding a business. Businesses must learn how to better optimize their opportunities on the Internet to ensure success in the growing digital economy. Web users are key to creating a larger customer base and content that holds value is necessary to draw them in. Public Relations (PR) and SEO are powerhouses in the digital world, and the combination of them is key for understanding the online environment and thriving in it.

Public Relations vs Search Engine Optimization

Public Relations encompasses strategies and tactics that build relationships between a business, key publics and key stakeholders to create a strong, favorable image or brand. Effective PR allows businesses to connect with consumers on a deeper level and foster brand loyalty or business recognition. Authentic PR can create meaningful content that can help a business gain media attention  which can help create media placements in key publications.

SEO is focused on creating an online presence that considers search engine ranking factors to boost rankings on the search engine results page (SERP) for priority keywords or locales relevant to the business.

High quality content is an asset in both PR and SEO. Major media outlets will cover stories deemed to be high-quality and search engines only want to display high-quality search results. Values are what must be communicated to one’s consumers and audience. Therefore, content that is created must hold value in order to maintain an efficient digital marketing strategy and bring in a larger customer base or elevate a website’s authority.

Overall, both SEO and PR follow the same ideology that drawing more web users to your brand. Combining the two can create an online and offline relationship that supplement one another and  create longevity in PR strategies by linking SEO value and link equity to your efforts.

The Importance of Backlinks

When a website links itself to another website, Google is able to identify data regarding the popularity and authority of a webpage. Google will look into the number of backlinks a website has to score a domain from zero to 100. If the page has high authority or popularity, it may be more likely to rank higher on the SERP. Backlinks have a connection to PR by way of brand mentions. If a business receives a brand mention in a publication for a media outlet, this could lead to large viewership for the brand thus expanding its customer base.

Connecting Public Relations to Search Engine Optimization

There are four ways for a brand to connect Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization. One way is to monitor all brand mentions via publications or web pages and turn them into links. The second way is to use a free service called Help-A-Reporter-Out (HARO), a platform that sends emails daily allowing journalists to submit requests for commentary from large media outlets. The third way is to create press releases including a link so as to drive online traffic across a multitude of platforms. Lastly, creating a digital campaign combines social media strategy as well as PR and SEO to optimize digital marketing.

Discuss Public Relations and SEO With a Digital Marketing Expert

Overall, the combination of PR and SEO will allow any business to dominate the internet and gain traction to create a larger audience base. This will lead to a successful digital marketing strategy. Contact BluShark Digital today to learn more about combining PR and SEO to achieve your business goals.