Common Issues with Local Service Ads

02 Nov, 2020 Google Features

Local Service Ads (LSAs) are a Google feature recently made available to advertisers in the legal industry. Many law firms have implemented LSAs due to their unique benefits, such as verification status and a pay-per-lead payment structure. However, since becoming first available, many individuals have encountered glitches that interfere with implementing or fully utilizing LSAs. While some problems are met during the sign-up process, other common issues occur once an LSA account is established. Because of this, being familiar with frequently encountered problems could help an individual proactively prepare and identify when an LSA glitch has occurred.

LSA Glitches During the Sign-up Process

Some local service ad glitches are commonly encountered when first creating an account. In some cases, submitted information will be denied despite meeting all requirements. This typically occurs when submitting insurance information or uploading a headshot for an LSA profile. Additionally, other issues may occur specific to the legal industry. Some law firms may be unable to submit attorney information. In other cases, a firm may be unable to select the lawyer job category altogether when creating an LSA account.

Common Issues for Established Local Service Ad Accounts

Once an LSA account is created, businesses may face other common issues, such as problems with reviews. Some organizations are experiencing issues where reviews will not populate on an LSA account. Similarly, reviews may disappear from an LSA account despite a Google Business Profile (GBP) account being properly connected. In other cases, information such as verification status or the number of years in business may be displayed incorrectly or not at all. Other common glitches may include:

  • Google tracking number automatically hanging up
  • LSAs not appearing in search queries that should trigger them
  • Max bid not displaying on LSA portal
  • Issues with background checks
  • LSA account being switched from automatic bidding to manual bidding

What Should I Do When I Encounter an LSA Issue?

Whenever an individual encounters a glitch, it may be best to contact Google Support and explain the issue. However, Google Support often takes time to respond and resolve the glitch. Fortunately, one of our experienced digital marketing professionals could examine the glitch and determine the best way to move forward. By quickly establishing, maintaining, and resolving issues related to an LSA account, BluShark Digital could help increase a business’s online performance. To see how our knowledgeable digital marketing team could help, contact us today.