Does Google’s SEO Algorithm Change? What You Should Know

18 Oct, 2022 Technical

Since its launch on September 4, 1998, Google has utilized algorithms to run its search engine effectively and efficiently. 24 years later, these Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithms have changed immensely. What started as a few minor changes each year have turned into numerous (upwards of thousands of) tweaks to the algorithm annually.

OK… So, What Really Is the Algorithm?

In 2022, the word ‘algorithm’ is often mindlessly thrown around when discussing topics like social media and search engines, like Google. To many, the algorithm is presented to them as scary and daunting, but it does not need to be that way. If you understand how it works, then you can tackle the algorithm and use it to your advantage to benefit you or your practice.

Google’s algorithm is a system used to retrieve data from its search index in order to deliver the best possible results for a query as quickly as possible. Essentially, the Google search engine supports quickly serving users the best, most relevant webpage results through its algorithm. In order for Google to continue to deliver the best results, they must continue to tweak its SEO algorithm.

A Recent History of Google’s SEO Algorithm Changes According to None Other Than… Google

As a company or practice with a website, it is important to be aware of Google’s SEO algorithm changes so that you can stay competitive and up-to-date with the best SEO practices. Detailed below are 5 of the most recent major changes to note.

1. November 3, 2021

A spam update was rolled out in order to improve search results in Google’s search engine. Updates like these occur regularly.

2. November 17, 2021

Google released a core update. The intention of a core update is to better the overall relevance and quality of the search engine’s results. This occurs through a series of re-ranking web pages.

3. December 24, 2021

Google released Vicinity, a major update to its local search algorithm. The update targets the proximity of a searcher to a business, with changes that make it easier for local searches and more difficult for outlying cities to rank higher.

4. February 22, 2022

An update was initiated to provide more user experience feedback to the algorithm developers. This gives way to the potential to further better the SEO algorithm in the future in accordance with what users want and need.

5. August 25, 2022

Google began rolling out its helpful content update, aimed at helping authentic content designed for users, not search engines, rank higher. This update is part of an ongoing effort to downgrade low-quality content.

Learn How to Utilize Google’s SEO Algorithms

Keeping up with Google’s constantly changing SEO algorithms can be tough, but that is what Blushark Digital is here to do for your practice. Contact us today to discuss navigating SEO and to learn about specialized SEO strategies for your practice.