Getting on Instagram’s Explore Page

30 Jun, 2023 Social Media

Like most modern social media platforms, Instagram uses machine learning algorithms to analyze what content a user interacts with and suggest similar posts that they might enjoy. Through the “Explore” page, Instagram attempts to tailor each user’s experience to their unique interests and preferences. For many users, this function is the primary means for discovering new accounts to engage with and follow.

However, getting on Instagram’s Explore page is not an exact science. The inner workings of the platform’s algorithm are kept secret and determining what might increase your chances of engagement with new users is often a matter of trial and error. That said, there are some tried-and-true actions that have produced positive results. When used correctly, these strategies could boost your odds of increasing visibility for your brand.

How Does the Explore Page Actually Work?

An Instagram user’s home feed exclusively shows posts from accounts that the user already follows, while the Explore page is what Instagram refers to as an “unconnected system.” Essentially, the algorithm behind the Explore page looks at a user’s previous activity on the platform, identifies new posts that are similar to content they already like, and then ranks those new posts based on various factors. These factors include who the user already follows, what types of posts the user engages with, and what posts already have high engagement from other users. The best posts based on those internal rankings end up on the user’s Explore page.

Importantly, Instagram’s Explore page algorithm does not currently discriminate against accounts labeled as “Business” accounts. This means those accounts are not at an inherent disadvantage compared to personal and Creator accounts when it comes to getting on Instagram’s Explore page.

Tips for Increasing Engagement Through the Explore Page

When trying to get on the Explore page, it is important to remember that Instagram’s main goal is to boost the attention the platform gets from users. You may be able to increase your odds of getting eyes on your content (and subsequently land on the Explore page) by:

  • Engaging with prominent and popular features like Reels
  • Using geotags and hashtags strategically
  • Not reposting content from other platforms like TikTok

People like to feel like they are part of communities with other people who share their interests. Rather than chasing trends and following along with whatever is popular in the moment, it can be much more beneficial in the long run to build your own community on Instagram. This can be achieved by understanding what your target audience wants, sharing content specifically tailored to their interests, and posting that content during hours of the day when they are likely to be using Instagram.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Strategies on Instagram

It is worth emphasizing that short-term solutions, like buying followers and ads in the Explore page, often produce fleeting gains that only last for as long as you continue to spend money on them. Although a quick fix can offer immediate satisfaction, building a sustainable and self-perpetuating presence on the Instagram Explore page is more stable and fruitful approach. Establish your brand’s unique strategy, keep track of account analytics within Instagram, and use that data to ensure you are getting the most out of your Instagram account.