Google Releases Discover Feed for Mobile Users

01 Nov, 2019 Organic SEO Strategies

Google recently released a brand-new feature for mobile devices: the Discover feed. Google Discover displays a personalized list of pages and news items on topics it believes may interest users. Google curates this content based on web and app activity, device information, location history, and location settings.

According to a recent post on Google’s Webmaster Central blog, the new Discover feed can be impacted by core algorithm updates. If Google does not find your site to meet a specific quality metric, then the algorithm and Google Discover may not show your content as frequently or at all in comparison to other sites. Google wants to provide relevant and authoritative information, so its algorithm prioritizes content that best matches a user’s interests. This approach can be especially helpful when users are not searching for a niche or specific topic and are simply scrolling through the Google home page feed.

According to the blog post, the best way to optimize for Google Discover is to generate and publish high-quality content. The Discover feed is algorithmically generated based on the user’s previous searches and engagement, and Google tries to select content that the user will be interested in. Therefore, the most effective way to boost the rankings of your pages is to conduct research on what your users find most interesting and publish quality content addressing those needs.

It is important to stay on top of any Google updates, even seemingly minor ones such as the Discover feed. This addition provides a valuable new opportunity to broaden your reach and connect with users who may be interested in your services. As Google continues to advance and develop, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on generating and maintaining quality content on your site.