Google Screened Listings for Legal Services

31 Jul, 2020 Paid Search

Google Screened is a local service ads (LSAs) feature that allows a business listing to be displayed along with a verification badge above local-pack and organic listings. Originally implemented to reduce low-quality or scam business listings, the feature allows customers to see verified businesses in their area along with reviews and contact information.

While Google Screened has yet to be fully implemented across Google, the new feature could allow an individual to secure a business listing at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). As a result, businesses, law firms, and organizations may have a unique opportunity to boost their digital presence by increasing brand awareness, trustworthiness, and SERP coverage.

Becoming Screened Through Google

A business can become screened through Google’s local services ads platform. There, Google will ask for basic information about your business or organization, such as an address and job category. Depending on the job category selected, Google may ask for additional information on the services a company offers to determine eligibility. For example, businesses or firms that select “lawyer” as their job category may be asked to designate a practice area. From there, a business can add other information such as locations served, contact information, and business hours.

google verification - geographic area

Other information Required for Google Verification

Once an initial Google Screened profile is set up, a business must complete additional steps before being listed on a search engine results page (SERP). This includes passing a background check, submitting business reviews, and establishing a budget for local service ads. Additional information required by Google may include:

  • The year the business or organization was founded
  • The number of workers that interact with customers
  • Professional license registration information (such as a Bar registration number)
  • Weekly budget for local service ads
  • Insurance information for the business

Overall, Google verification could provide a unique opportunity for businesses, law firms, and organizations seeking to increase their digital performance. A Google Screened business may have more SERP coverage, brand recognition, and perceived trustworthiness compared to non-verified competitors.

Although Google Screened has yet to be fully implemented for all locations, early adopters of the new local service ads feature could capitalize on a unique opportunity to increase their overall digital presence. Please note that these features are new and may change as Google further tests them. We will update our blog with significant changes or developments as they occur.

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