JUST RELEASED: Google’s June 2019 Broad Core Update — What You Need to Know

04 Jun, 2019 Organic SEO Strategies

On Sunday, June 2nd 2019, Google SearchLiaison tweeted that they would be releasing a broad core algorithm update. The June 2019 Core Update has now gone live and will be rolled out to Google’s data centers over the next few days. Here is what you need to know:

With any broad core update, it is important to remember that they are just that– broad. These changes generally do not target specific niches because they are intentionally wider in scope. Core updates are often about improving the relevance of search results by better understanding search queries.

Advice for Site Administrators

When Google rankings drop after an algorithm update, site admins often panic and make “fixes” to aspects of their sites that are not real issues. Instead of viewing lower rankings as a sign of a problem, it can be more effective to think about why Google views higher-ranking sites as more relevant to searchers. More than anything, monitoring the traffic and organic traffic will give webmasters an effective way to gauge the impact of this new update.

Google SearchLiaison gave the twitter-verse the following advice on broad core changes:

“Sometimes, we make broad changes to our core algorithm. We inform about those because the actionable advice is that there is nothing in particular to “fix,” and we don’t want content owners to mistakenly try to change things that aren’t issues….”

Another point to note is that Google core updates can take anywhere from a week to ten days to be fully implemented. Rather than making fast changes to your site, it will be more productive to wait for the update to settle in and then look at how it affects your site.

For updates right from the source, Google’s SearchLiaison Twitter account will continue to post updates about the June 2019 Core Update as they come in.