Guide to Google Business Profile Support

08 Feb, 2023 Google Features

Have you recently been having problems with your Google Business Profile (GBP) and need to contact their support team to resolve these issues? There are many reasons you may need to get in touch with Google for profile support, including a suspended account, verification obstacles, review spamming, posts failing to appear, information edits, and much more. If you are struggling with these issues or anything else related to your Google Business Profile, follow these quick and easy tips to get in touch with support and get your business back on track.

Steps to Take

First, you should visit the contact page of the Google Business Profile Help website. Here, you can request assistance from Google through a form in the Help Center tab, as well as read popular FAQs, see trending community posts, and check in on your business verification.

In this section, you can type a short, under 100-word description of the issues you are experiencing. After, several boxes will show up, asking you to choose the best description. Choosing the most factual description of your issue is important to receive a faster response from Google.

After this, Google will present a list of helpful resources tailored to your issues. If you need a simple fix to your profile, these resources can be incredibly beneficial to solving your problem. It is helpful to read any suggested resources related to the issues you are having with your GBP.

Finally, Google will introduce the contact methods. These options typically include chat, a phone call, or email. The chat and phone call options are excellent choices, as they operate 24/7 except for on Sundays. Chat support has a speedy response time and provides a smooth process for resolving your issue. If you opt for the email option, you will receive an email to which you must reply to keep the conversation going. However, not all three choices are always availableā€“sometimes, you may only have the email option.


A common alternative to the Google Business Profile website is to contact the platform through social media. This can involve DMing or messaging the service through Facebook or Twitter. However, responses to support requests through social media generally take a couple days to a week. Although social media can be a useful resource, we recommend trying conventional support first and only attempting a social media response if you are not receiving the resolution you believe you need.

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