How Google Bard Is Separating Itself From ChatGPT

31 May, 2023 AI, Google Features, Google News

Many have heard of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the advanced language model that spits out human-like information when given a command. However, not everyone has heard of Google’s form of advanced language model called Google Bard. With the popularity discrepancy between ChatGPT and Google Bard, Google needed to figure out a way to separate its AI from OpenAI. This article will dive into the recent updates and changes Google has made to help its advanced language model grow.

Expanding Bard

In Bard’s newest update, which launched on May 10, 2023, there will now be over 180 countries that can access Bard. This is important news for the company as only the United States and the United Kingdom could access Bard. Google has also made the chat available in Japanese and Korean and plans to make it available in over 40 languages. Not only does this allow for more to use Bard, but it also allows Google to receive a lot more feedback.

Visual Advancements to Bard

Bard can now give visual images when responding to a command. For example, if someone asks, “What sights should I see when I am in Barcelona?” it will give you a response and a picture of a few sights to help the asker with a visual representation. Another feature related to images is that the asker can use images in their command. An example could be, “Is this an image of Chicago?” Bard could detect if the image is of Chicago.

Source Content

An everyday use for an AI-generated language model would be to find sources for specific information. Bard can now identify and navigate a piece of information and then source it. Also, if a user were to put in a source and piece of information, Bard would be able to locate the section of the specific information.

Layout Changes

Many Bard users had given feedback about some potential layout changes. One change is the choice of a Dark theme which may be easier on the user’s eyes. There has also been an added focus on the precision of Bard rather than giving out useless information to the user.

A Strong Contender in the AI Language Model Race

With the recent emergence of ChatGPT and other advanced language models, Google has tried to keep up with other models and make new features to their models. With new languages and countries, visual advancements, and an up-to-date layout, Google Bard may push to be one of the top AI language models.