New Google Update Tracker for SEOs

10 Jun, 2020 Organic SEO Strategies

While some people just see Google as their primary search engine, webmasters see it as their livelihood. Any minute changes or updates to Google’s algorithms can mean drastic shifts in SERP rankings, website traffic, and business altogether. As such, SEOs need to stay up-to-date on the latest Google search engine developments and act accordingly.

Fortunately, Search Engine Roundtable created a website to track Google update news. lets users plug in dates as far back as December 2004 and view stories about official or suspected Google updates within a three-day period. This means SEOs now have a one-stop website for all past and present Google update articles.

How is this Useful?

Most SEOs and Webmasters follow the news when major Google Core updates happen, like the one in May. In addition to these large-scale changes, however, Google releases thousands of micro-updates a year. Since many go unnoticed, finding relevant articles to explain recent or historical changes in SERP or webpage performance can be difficult. To solve this problem, the new site lets users view relevant Search Engine Roundtable articles within a selected time frame.

These article results cover both confirmed and unconfirmed Google updates. While news on “confirmed” updates may be easy to locate, users can now find news on suspected changes within seconds. As a result, SEOs can better understand and explain website performance trends by easily accessing unconfirmed update information.

What are the Drawbacks?

While this is certainly a useful website that helps organize Google update information, it isn’t perfect. Most notably, results may include articles that discuss different Google updates outside of the provided time frame. Although this is not a major flaw, SEOs should examine the article results regardless.

Furthermore, this Google update database is limited to Search Engine Roundtable articles. Although the site is a leader in SEO and search engine content, it may miss certain developments or present a single perspective. As such, webmasters should continue their research on other platforms for a comprehensive update analysis. Although this is a solid new resource, SEOs should not overly rely on this website.

In Summary is an excellent new tool for webmasters and SEOs to get quick, convenient Google update information at their fingertips. Likewise, this website makes navigating the Search Engine Roundtable website easier and eliminates the need to conduct date-restricted searches on Google.

While webmasters should still use multiple sources to find Google update information, this database can help explain website performance through confirmed and unconfirmed change information. Overall, tracking Google updates has become much easier.