The Importance of Title Tags When Optimizing a Website

12 Jan, 2021 Organic SEO Strategies

Title tags are a search engine optimization (SEO) tool that many digital marketing professionals use to boost their clients’ online presence. When utilized properly, title tags give Google bots a short summary of the page content that allows it to rank more quickly and more accurately to a specific search query. Generally, the better the title tag the more likely a page may rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP).

What are Title Tags?

A title tag is a piece of HTML code that describes the content of a particular webpage. They appear on the SERP as the clickable link and they may also appear on browser tabs. Title tags are one of the components that Google bots crawl to determine a page’s ranking on the SERP. As such, when they are poorly written SEO results can be negatively impacted.

Effective vs. Ineffective Title Tags

An effective title tag could be the reason a user clicks on your webpage over a competitor’s. When a title tag uses keywords from the page, this could increase your SERP rankings. Title tags are a quick and effective way to give potential clients more information about a specific page.

When users are looking at the SERP they tend to quickly look at the page until they see what they were searching for; title tags with the right keywords can grab a person’s attention. For example, if a person was searching for a personal injury lawyer in DC a good title tag could be “DC Personal Injury Lawyer | Civil Claims Attorney” this gives users relevant information on what the page is about and contains the searched keywords. A person would be more likely to navigate to a webpage with “DC Personal Injury Lawyer | Civil Claims Attorney” as the title tag over “Attorney | Firm Name” since one provides more information with better context than the other. It is recommended that a title tag be 65 characters or less to ensure that the full title populates the SERP. If your business does not use title tags you could be missing out on reaching potential clients.

Learn More About the Application of Title Tags

Title tags can have a huge impact on where your site is ranking on the SERP. As a result, if you are looking to grow your site’s online presence, implementing title tags may be one of the first tools to use. Contact our skilled digital marketing professionals at BluShark Digital today to learn more about title tags and how we could help build your online presence.