John Fisher

11 Mar, 2019

When Seth Price, Esq. talked with me about switching to BluShark Digital as the partner for our law firm’s website, my first response was “Why?” We were happy with the relationship with our webmaster, had a nice return on our investment, and I thought, why fix something that’s not broken? After tossing the idea around, I finally agreed to give BluShark Digital a chance.

1 ½ years later, our firm’s internet presence has changed dramatically. We receive a level of service that, in my humble opinion, is unmatched in the industry. Our account manager (John Faherty) contacts us at least weekly with new ideas and content for the website, scholarship projects, links to government and educational websites and ideas for improving our listings on Google Business Profile. And the beauty of this, I don’t have to do a damn thing.

Every couple of months, I visit BluShark and their team members meet with me to discuss the status of their link building, content creation and ideas for improving the website. It seems that the team at BluShark is obsessive about my firm’s internet presence and truth be told, I couldn’t be happier.