Are You Leveraging GBP Products?

13 Apr, 2023 Google Features

Google Business Profiles (GBP, formerly Google My Business) is a key tool for standing out online, especially when it comes to local search. The format allows businesses to showcase both their products and services, ensuring internet users can easily compare companies in their area. But, as a service-oriented law firm, should you still be using GBP Products?

Benefits of Using GBP Products

At BluShark Digital, we highly recommend including Products as a key element for optimizing your GBP. The inclusion of these Products ensures that your top practice areas are easily visible to all searchers on the Internet. This increases the probability that a site visitor will convert to a high-quality lead. However, the last thing you want is to attempt to leverage Products and then end up submitting spammy, non-user-specific content.

BluShark Digital leverages branded GBP images to help law firms clearly showcase their top practice areas in the GBP Products AND Services sections. In the Products, law firms can then link to their website and list their phone number, making it easy for potential clients to connect.

Updates to GBP Products

As of April 2023, Google is continuing to prioritize GBP Products. In its most recent update, Google revamped its Product Reviews System in an effort to remove surface-level or spammy reviews and reward product reviews based on legitimate research and actual experiences.

Learn More About Leveraging GBP Products

At the end of the day, Google is continuing to optimize GBP Products; our job is to make sure you are appropriately leveraging these optimizations. Reach out to the digital marketing team at BluShark Digital today to discuss your SEO efforts and learn how we can help you incorporate GBP Products into your strategy.