Best Resources for Curating Content for Social Media

29 Jun, 2023 Social Media

Publishing advertisements, blogs, and other content on multiple social media platforms can be a great way to increase brand visibility online. However, failing to coordinate your strategy across all social media platforms can sometimes end up doing more harm to your business than good. Making effective use of social media marketing often requires a diligent and dedicated strategy for content curation. You must ensure that the information you publish is relevant to your targeted audiences and strategize effective ways of sharing that content.

As the saying goes, a craftsman is only as good as their tools. When it comes to marketing strategy, there are plenty of tools for managing and optimizing content curation. Here are some of the best resources for curating social media content that could help maximize your returns from your social media marketing campaigns.

Third-Party Content Curation Platforms

It is certainly possible to manually post on every social media platform every time you want to share something with the users who follow your business. However, this is hardly an efficient or cost-effective way of spreading your content across multiple sites. Using a content curation and aggregation tool like HootSuite or Brandwatch can be the best way to centralize your social media strategy and ensure consistency for your posts across every platform.

In addition to posting on several social media sites at once with a single click, these programs also include analytic tools, content curation search engines, and feed customization features. With the right program, you could manage every aspect of your social media strategy from a single platform that every person on your marketing team can use and contribute to.

Resources Within Social Media Platforms

Another good way to maximize the effectiveness of your social media strategy is by using the tools within the platforms you are already using. For example, Twitter’s List feature allows users to group multiple accounts together into a customized feed that can be themed around a particular topic or industry. Any time someone in one of your Lists posts something relevant to your business, you can share it or incorporate it into an upcoming post.

Likewise, Google Alerts can send you updates via email whenever the search engine finds new content geared towards specific keywords. Many content curation platforms even allow users to pin custom searches and feeds like these onto their application homepage or dashboard for easier access.

Tracking Trends Across the Internet

Even if you have a comprehensive content curation strategy on the back end, making that strategy work for you on the front end requires up-to-date knowledge on the various trends, stories, and advancements that may impact your industry and allow you to market your brand. Through tools like AnswerThePublic and Curata, you can identify keywords and topics you want to focus on, sort them into categories and groups, and benefit from algorithms within these programs that bring relevant content to your attention from new sources. In a similar vein, a dependable tool, like Pocket. can be used to save links and posts for later review. This can be crucial for organizing and effectively using the mountains of content your feeds may produce.