Experience is a Major Factor in Google’s April 2023 Reviews Update

30 Apr, 2023 Google News

On April 12th, 2023, Google released fresh insight into product review guidelines. Google’s updated web page outlines these new changes to product review content as well as a further understanding of how the review system works and what it means for websites and their content. If you have recently noticed significant shifts in how your content ranks on Google SERPs, this new update could play a factor.

The new update concentrates predominantly on the experience component of Google’s E-E-A-T, representing important content quality guidelines people should follow. E-E-A-T stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. With these new guidelines focusing on experience, creators with actual real-world experience in what they are making content for will tend to rank higher on Google.

What Does This Update Entail?

The newest documentation released by Google on writing high-quality reviews lists several things that play a role in evaluating the experience and overall quality of your content. Some of these determinants include providing evidence of your own experience with a product or service. This includes visual or audio evidence or other findings of your experience and what is being reviewed to “support your expertise and reinforce the authenticity of your review.” Sharing links to other beneficial resources from your own or other sites that will help readers is also recommended in Google’s guidelines. Additionally, Google welcomes content that quantitatively measures how a product, service, or tool stacks up in various categories. The documentation also lists other factors, including demonstrating knowledge, explaining differences from competitors, and ensuring ample helpful information in your content.

According to Google, “focus on the quality and originality of your reviews, not the length, following as many of the above best practices you are able” to communicate the best value to readers. Overall, content creators should aim to provide the best content possible, not the wordiest, while presenting tangible evidence of experience and knowledge on the subject at hand.

This update applies to the languages of English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Vietnamese.

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