Google Adds LSA Screened and Guaranteed Badges to Maps

Google has recently added Google Guaranteed and Screened badges to Google Maps, integrating the Local Services Ads (LSA) and boosting your business’s online reputation. This expansion provides numerous benefits to local businesses using LSAs and provides another vertical for businesses to generate leads.

How Local Services Ads Expansion Benefits Businesses

Google’s expansion to Local Services Ads provides benefits to businesses advertising on the platform. If your business is using LSAs, you could now potentially show up at the top of Google Maps. A higher ranking in Google Maps can boost your business’s online presence and expose more potential customers to your services. Beyond ranking in the search results and Google Maps, the added Google Screened and Guaranteed badges is another tool at a business’ disposal.

What Are Google Guaranteed and Screened Badges?

Businesses can target local customers, boost their online presence, and build trust within their local community through Local Services Ads’ Google Screened and Google Guaranteed badges. Before being able to advertise with LSAs, businesses must go through the Google Screened process. This process includes passing license checks and verifying that their businesses are valid.

google maps with badges

After this process, when a potential customer searches for services your business offers, Local Services Ads displays your business at the top of the search result with the Google Screened badge. After the Google Screened verification, some businesses are also able to get the Google Guaranteed badge. This badge allows customers to be reimbursed if they are not satisfied with the business’s services up to a lifetime limit of $2,000 in the United States.

Boost Your Online Reputation with Local Services Ads

A strong local SEO strategy is essential to generating leads online and boosting your business’s reputation. Local Services Ads and its Google Screened badge can further help your company connect and build trust with your local community. For more information about how Local Services Ads can benefit your business and how you can optimize your local SEO strategy, contact BluShark Digital for a free consultation.