How the Google January 2020 Core Update May Impact Websites

03 Mar, 2020 Organic SEO Strategies

Optimizing your website to rank in Google search results is important for any business. This is an ever-changing process. Google frequently updates its algorithms to provide more accurate and relevant information to searchers. In January, Google announced and released its January 2020 Core Update. This update affects multiple factors that determine rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and many SEO professionals agree that the recent update had a significant impact on websites.

Why is a Core Update Any Different Than a Regular Update?

Google’s algorithm uses hundreds of factors to determine the organic ranking of a website. While Google frequently makes small tweaks that have minor effects on search results, a core update is something larger. For core updates, the algorithm is taught to look at and read sites in a different way to determine better search results and in turn create a better customer experience.

What Effect did the January Core Algorithm Update Have on Websites?

While Google has not specified which factors were changed in the update, Google did report that the update affected all regions, languages, and categories of websites. In particular, news, entertainment, and law websites saw large impacts. Changes in ranking also varied on desktop and mobile devices.

Google’s Advice to Websites

Google has made it clear that sometimes there is not anything particularly wrong with a website that sees a decrease in its online ranking, but rather the search bot and engine are interpreting the website in another way. Google suggests that creating high-quality content is the best way to improve a website’s search engine ranking. Specifically, focusing on original, comprehensive, and well-formatted content is key. Adhering to the best practices laid out by the guidelines is important.

What to Do to Improve a Website’s Ranking

Changes in the Google algorithm can have a direct impact on a business, law firm, or organization. Google is often one of the first places a potential client may turn to when deciding where to go for advice or services. Staying up to date with Google’s changes can help maintain a good digital presence and generate more leads. Providing unique, up-to-date, and quality content is a best practice for increasing a website’s search engine ranking.