How to Build Your Legal Network on LinkedIn

14 Feb, 2023 Social Media, Tips & Help

Social media can be a helpful tool to drive traffic for any business, especially if you know how to optimize the platform. Many law firms believe that Facebook is the best option to market their business, but LinkedIn is a platform that shouldn’t be forgotten. LinkedIn is a great marketing tool for law firms because of its professionally driven design. People use LinkedIn to highlight their jobs and businesses, so utilizing it to market your business is a no-brainer.

Be Active

For people to be interested in your profile and your business, you must have an active profile and demonstrate that your business is thriving. One way to do this is to update your profile. Include a new headshot, ensure all work experience is up to date, and mention your educational background. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself in the accomplishments and awards section – impress people with your digital resume!

The next thing to do to stay active is to post about your business and area of law expertise. Frequently posting updates about success in cases and employee accomplishments keeps you at the top of your follower’s page, which increases visibility. Make sure to use hashtags in your posts, as well – LinkedIn uses them to help users find the content they are searching for.

Do Outreach

The best way to increase your law firm’s visibility is by increasing the number of people who have access to it. Use LinkedIn to contact old colleagues, classmates, and friends. You never know who may make a referral, and if you create those professional and personal connections online, people may be reminded of your work. Not only should you increase your following, but you should also facilitate connections through group chains. If you can facilitate connections between your colleagues, they may gain your trust.

Another way to do outreach on LinkedIn is by posting about notable news in your area of law, whether it be a news story or something directly in your firm. Keeping up to date with the news and showing off your firm to your followers will help lead them toward a knowledgeable business firm.

Promote Yourself on LinkedIn to Stay Top of Mind

One of the most challenging tasks of any business is promoting itself and gaining public traction. Utilizing LinkedIn to connect with other professionals will help your goals of expanding your network and ultimately stay top of mind when connections are looking to refer a case.