How Video Can Improve Your SEO Performance 

27 Oct, 2020 Organic SEO Strategies

Search engines like Google continuously update and adapt their algorithms to prioritize content that is most relevant to users’ interests. Over the last few years, users have been drawn increasingly towards videos, and it is estimated that by 2021, 80% of all consumer online traffic will be videos.

These changing demands have increased the importance of video content, and those who prioritize and incorporate it into their sites often see improved SEO performance.

Enhanced SERP Ranking

Compared to pure text pages, it is often easier to rank videos due to the decreased competition. In a study conducted by Forrester Research, pages with videos were 50 times more likely to be organically ranked than traditional, text-only pages.

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Furthermore, pages with video content have a 1 in 11,000 chance of ranking on the first page of Google. While this may seem like a small chance, when compared to the 1 in 500,000 chance of text-based content ranking on the first page, it becomes much more attainable.

Increased Organic Traffic & Click-Through Rate

The incorporation of video content alongside existing content and pictures can assist in boosting organic traffic. When you include a video on a page, Google will often include the thumbnail for it on the SERP alongside the link. This tends to draw in the eyes of users surfing the web and increases their likelihood of clicking. As a result, websites that incorporate videos into their content strategy have a 41% higher click-through rate.

The visual appeal can be further enhanced by including a video sitemap, as it allows Google to properly index the video and gives you the opportunity to include additional keywords and descriptors of what the page contains. This meta-data further enhances Google’s understanding of the page’s content.

Longer Session Durations

Not only do pages with videos attract more users, but they also keep users engaged for longer periods of time. When a video is included on a page, users stay on the page for two minutes longer on average. This longer page visit is directly reflected in a site’s Session Duration metric, with a higher Session Duration indicating to Google that the site contains content that is both high quality and engaging.

Additionally, four times more users prefer watching videos over reading text. Informational videos that answer users’ questions or offer explanations are particularly popular.

Improved Site Authority

If a site has quality content that engages users, it will likely have a lower bounce rate as users further interact with it and navigate to additional pages on the site. The combination of these two factors increases the likelihood that Google will consider the site to be authoritative, thereby further improving its ranking on the SERP.

Additional Backlinks

Lastly, the engaging nature of video content makes it more shareable. As a result, pages with videos attract three times more inbound links than text-only pages, which allows sites to build a more extensive backlink profile, increase brand awareness, and drive site traffic.

Higher rankings, more organic traffic, longer page visits, increased site authority, and added backlinks make the perfect storm for enhancing SEO performance through the use of video. When incorporating video content into your website, is it important to keep in mind that the best SEO strategies include a diverse spread of various types of content mediums to reap maximum benefits. If you are looking to improve your current digital marketing strategy through the use of video yet are unsure of the next steps to take, contact a specialist today.