Peter Shankman on Tech of the Future

01 May, 2024 Technical

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it can be easily said that one must keep up with the times or fall behind. Peter Shankman shares how he stays ahead of the curve when it comes to the tech of the future, emphasizing the importance of learning from younger generations and thoroughly understanding what one doesn’t know. It’s crucial to take full advantage of technology, understanding and utilizing the resource to the best of its ability.

The Key Points in Success

Every six months, Peter arranges a gathering of students that his parents once taught as educators. In this networking session, Peter ensures he seizes the unique opportunity to learn from individuals who aren’t from his generation, aiming to get ahead of what will soon appear on social media. He emphasizes the importance of befriending those with knowledge that may differ from yours, to go out of your way to know what you don’t know.

There is also importance in being brilliant at the basics, staying focused on not getting caught up only in shiny investments. Peter speaks on the hidden gem of investing in HR and tech companies in HR, things that aren’t shiny but will always be a necessity. If something is new, play with it to fully grasp the concept and know what you’re getting yourself into.

The Importance of AI

Technology is great when it is humanized and when there is a purpose. People get into technology because there is a use, making life more efficient in communication and human connection. In order to fully utilize AI, you must A: know what to do with it and B: already have a basic comprehension of how to do business.

The future is AI, and many universities have chosen to ban the use of AI. Boston University, however, realizes the reality of the situation, acknowledging they don’t have full control to ban students from using AI. They allow their students to think ahead by utilizing all their resources if they cite AI.

Peter predicts that Google will follow the AI trend in showing results written by human beings and results written by AI. Instead of just trying to excel in AI separately, Google has decided to understand the differences between the two because AI and Google go hand in hand in providing the best search results.

Peter draws inspiration from his 10-year-old daughter’s interest in Roblox, emphasizing the value of building on existing platforms. Using Roblox as an example, he highlights the potential for individuals to create games and earn a share of in-game purchases. Peter advises against reinventing the wheel, encouraging people to identify opportunities to enhance existing platforms. Shankman states that with the increased use of self-driving cars, industries like insurance and organ donation will also have to be re-evaluated.

Peter closes out by emphasizing the importance of always having room for improvement. By embracing AI, fostering connections across generations, and recognizing the significance of both basics and advancements, we position ourselves to be set up for a future in technological advancements.