Reviews are Easier to Navigate Than Ever Before– Here’s Why That Matters

Google Business Profile (GBP) reviews have long been a way for potential customers to choose which businesses to work with. Customer reviews are a good indicator of a brand’s authenticity, and they affect the domain’s authority. Reviews also fuel local search results, placing GBPs with keywords from a search query in front of the user.

Now, it is even easier for users to see reviews related to their needs with a filter for keywords. In the GBP listing, users can select specific terms to narrow down reviews. If you want to see customers’ thoughts on results, a certain practice area, or anything else the business offers, reviews about it are just a click away.

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Using Keywords in Reviews

Since Google will allow consumers to search using keywords, having these terms in the reviews is more important than ever. Prior to the filter being available, Google would use certain words in the reviews to populate them in local listings. Presenting the user with information that pertains to their query is another way to pique interest and earn a click for more information.

When reaching out to clients or customers to review your services, it is helpful to prompt them on what to write. This is a great way to ensure keywords are being included in the reviews, thus benefiting the site on the SERP. The email sent to clients requesting a review can include prompts like:

  • What location did you reach out to us from?
  • What service did we provide for you, and how did it help you?
  • How did our firm help you with your case?

These examples would pull both a practice area or service keyword as well as a location, all of which are valuable for local rankings. Asking for reviews is easy to do when the relationship with the customer or client is strong and they have had their needs met.

The use of the keyword filter for Google Business Profile reviews page further exemplifies the importance of good customer experiences and relationships with the firm or brand. Their opinions and willingness to write a great review will drive positive placement on the local results and therefore, bring in more leads.