Social Media Profiles are Pushing Organic Content Further Down Result Pages on Google

10 Apr, 2019 Organic SEO Strategies

Google is an ever-changing and expanding source of information for billions of users. If a business wants to increase traffic to their site, no tactic works better than using SEO strategies to rank higher on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). However, Google has recently changed their search results by introducing direct links to social profiles and posts closer to the top of the results pages.

This modification to the SERP could present new opportunities for businesses to direct attention to their brands, social media platforms, and posts on those platforms. However, this might also create new challenges for businesses, as it pushes organic content linked to their site further down the page. For example, websites containing information about a business, such as an award or organization site may appear lower than where a business wants. Despite benefits and disadvantages, navigating through this new development may be pertinent to your business’ growth.

How Google is Beginning to Look Different

Before Google implemented this change, a majority of SERPS followed a similar pattern: The first few spots were dedicated to paid posts, followed by the local 3 pack, and then ten links to organic content shortly after. Now, pages vary greatly depending on what users search, allowing for more user interaction with the search engine results page. With the introduction of social profile placements, users are starting to see the number two or three spots as links to Tweets or Instagram posts, instead of organic content linked to external sites.

For now, this is mostly occurring when users search for prominent authorities such as celebrities, politicians, and large businesses and corporations. However, as this trend develops, and Google receives user data and further feedback, this might begin to change. Here are a few examples of what the Google SERP is starting to look like—however, it is important to mention that these vary depending on what the specific search inquiry is.

Potential Advantages and Disadvantages

This placement of social media profiles could be of significant advantage to users. Most of these links give users direct access to an exact tweet, post, or picture, allowing for easier access to information on the internet, which is the value Google brings to its users.

However, this could be troublesome for businesses and marketers, especially those with an already low social presence. Essentially, these social media profiles are pushing organic content further down the SERP, even sometimes out of visibility of the first page. This might mean that the SEO strategies businesses have been implementing may no longer get them visibility on the first page.

Looking Ahead

How can businesses make this trend work for them? Google puts these social media profiles on the SERP based on their relevant content, high traffic, and click through rate on the SERP. Therefore, increasing your business’ presence on social media might be an adept way to work within this new development. However, only time will tell if this change in Google’s service will stick around and expand to other searches, or if it will continue to impact people and businesses with high online authority exclusively.