Types of Online Content Marketing

23 Feb, 2021 Content Optimization

A strong content marketing strategy allows for a company to create their own narrative while giving people a way to connect with the brand online. However, there are different types of content marketing, each with its own advantages and challenges. Implementing an effective online content marketing strategy that utilizes these different forms of content can help a business thrive and rank better on the search engine results page (SERP). The type of content marketing a business should utilize depends largely on the target audience. Some of the most common types of content used within a marketing strategy are: social media, blogging, podcasts, videos, and email.

Social Media

Social media allows for businesses to directly engage with their target audience and is a strong form of content marketing. Businesses can create relatable content and connect with their audience while building authority. However, one important consideration to take into account when formulating a social media strategy is determining which platform(s) is best suited for the business to be posting on. For instance, if imagery is an important part of a business’s brand then it may be more effective to post content on Instagram over Twitter or LinkedIn.


Blogging can drive website traffic and allows for websites to establish authority for particular topics. Blogging can also increase a website’s organic traffic by improving a website’s ranking on the SERP. That being said, blogs should not be written just for the sake of having content on a website. Poor quality blogs could hurt a website’s rankings, so only quality content should be published.


Podcasts are a fun way to create quality content, and each episode should offer unique information. This form of content marketing requires more logistical planning such as determining who the guest should be and then scheduling them, and determining the topics that should be discussed on each episode. It is important to make a plan for the episode so there is not repeated content week to week.


Posting videos on Youtube is a strong content marketing strategy as some individuals prefer to watch videos over reading a blog. It can also be easier to explain concepts in a video format than in a blog posting. However, similar to blogs, videos should not be posted just for the sake of posting content, they need to be quality videos.


Social media usage is on the rise, but emailing is still a smart type of content marketing. Emails can target individuals who are interested in the company, and from there a relationship could be formed. Email lists allow for people who might not be on social media to be reached more easily.

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