Episode 42: Mark Proctor

26 Jul, 2022

This week, Seth and Jay are joined by Mark Proctor, the managing partner of the country’s leading Mass Tort law firm about the importance of passion and systems no matter what you intend to scale. Mark Proctor discusses his experience managing a multigenerational law firm, and how he kept growth moving in a positive direction over the years. Mark explains the importance of open communication and his commitment to doing good in his line of work.Mark goes on to speak about how vital it is at a law firm to have people managing operations as the firm grows, developing necessary systems and supervising growth on a day-to-day basis. Also on the topic of systems, Mark explains the role of systems in attacking a mass torts case and touches on the value of having a cohesive approach. Seth and Jay finish up by discussing the undeniable fact that all of the successful firms in the industry seem to have one thing in common- a systems-based approach.