Podcaster Knowledge Panels Go Live in Google Search

22 Mar, 2022 Google Features

Recently, Google has been displaying podcast knowledge panels in the SERP. But what exactly does this mean for your podcast?

Podcast knowledge panels first began to be featured on Google Search starting October 12, 2021. With this feature, a user can see a podcast’s name, image/logo, and the description/information on the right side of the page. It is important to note that there is still no confirmation of any link to the podcast itself.

How Can I Get My Podcast to Display on Google?

If you have a podcast, you might be wondering if this new feature applies to your podcast. Google is currently featuring 50% of podcasts in this new knowledge panel format. The RRS feed seems to be the best way to get the new podcast knowledge panel to display.

The idea is that when a user looks up their favorite podcast/podcaster, Google will display a knowledge panel option in the Google Search results. Although it is there, the next step that Google should take is to make it official with all Google Users and podcast fans so they can take advantage of this new feature. This can ultimately help you get more exposure, especially if you host a podcast and you want it to be featured on Google.

What if My Podcast Knowledge Panel Does Not Display?

Unfortunately, if you have tried to create a podcast knowledge panel and it’s still not displaying, there is no “official” way to know why this is the case. Regardless, users have been sharing many reasons as to why it could be happening.

If it is not being featured, this can be a problem relating to the RSS feed and production. Ensuring that the RSS feed is working perfectly can be the key for it to work and for it to show on Google. Some have also found that enriching the description box can help boost the search engine feature.

Although this has not been confirmed, many claim that there are some instances in which sources trigger the podcast itself, which leads to them not being featured in the first place. This is important to note, and it will be interesting to stay in the loop to see if Google ever releases official tips to get the feature.

Podcast knowledge panels could be huge for podcasters to better market their podcast and get the word out. If Google continues to improve this feature, it can be a huge asset for podcast owners and lovers.