4 Tips to Make Sure Your Law Firm’s Systems are Being Followed

13 Dec, 2022 Tips & Help, Uncategorized

Positioning a law firm for growth means treating it like a business, and an essential factor in the success of any business is having effective systems. Plenty of resources are available to help you create systems for your law firm. However, randomly selecting and applying systems to your firm will not work if they’re not being followed by your employees.

1. Record Your Systems

To be able to follow your systems, your employees must know them. Always record new systems you create, even if it’s just with a pencil and paper. Then, digitize them in such a way that your employees can all have continued access to them.

Though systems should be incorporated into the hiring and training process, it is possible that employees need a refresher later down the line. If your systems are recorded and easily accessible, your employees will be able to confirm a certain process before they make a mistake doing it.

2. Make Sure Your Systems Have Checks and Balances

Systems are complicated, but getting lazy about what you include in them will have consequences for your firm. Make sure you include levels of review for each critical process at your firm, where members of your team ensure the work gets done and it gets done right.

The same goes for members of an international or offshore team: make sure you design your firm so that each department is aware of and accountable for their work.

3. Adapt Your Systems to You and Your Firm

The most effective systems are the ones designed with specific goals in mind. Ask yourself fundamental questions about your life and goals for the firm, including where and how much you want to be a part of it.

However, systems need to work for everyone for them to work at all. A firm is made up of different personalities and personal interests, and it may take time to figure out what works well specifically for your employees and practice. Monitor feedback from your employees and have a willingness to recognize and adapt what doesn’t work. Systems that don’t adapt are ones that will be ignored.

4. Hire the Right People

Not every process and piece of your firm is going to be your cup of tea. Even if it was, most people don’t want to have to oversee every little thing that happens in their business. Hiring the right people can help you manage the burden of oversight. Look for potential employees that fill gaps in your firm’s needs and complement your personal strengths. Not only can these people help implement your systems, but they may also help you make them even better.

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