5 Content Elements More Important Than Word Count

01 May, 2023 Content Optimization

For a long time, the focus of most blog content writers was word count. Some claimed it should be 1,000 to 1,500; other experts say 2,000 is the word count everyone should aim for. But does word count actually affect SEO more than other content factors? Other factors may have a greater impact on your site’s SEO, including content quality, value, format, reader experience, and backlinks.

Content Quality

Low-quality work will never grab your reader’s attention, regardless of the length of the article. A short, high-quality piece is better than a long post that drags information out—a “fluff piece.” When writing, it’s crucial to think about the flow of ideas and structure. This can help you convey your topic concisely.

Adding Value

Your purpose for content should be clear before writing it. This could be to interest the reader, inform them, or persuade them. Word count should not matter if your purpose is represented and evident in the piece.

One way to state your purpose is to create a strong title and ensure your writing relates to it. Google Search Console is a tool that shows you what your potential reach audience is interested in. When your readers are looking for a direct answer to your title, they may prefer a short piece of content with concise information. The bottom line is to prioritize quality over quantity.

Content Format

No one wants to read a 1000-word blog with endless words and no photos. The point of publishing your content is to gain the reader’s attention. This means including eye-catching graphs or photos to break up the text. An example of a strong content structure is starting with the main message, listing examples, giving reasoning, and then supporting it with data and facts. Including various methods of explaining your content will help you attract as many readers as possible.

Valuing Your Reader’s Time

To write with purpose, you must remember the readers you are writing for. Your writing should target the right audience in terms of geographical location, interests, hobbies, age, and more. How do you see your audience demographic? A website analytics platform can show who is visiting your site, which page is the most popular, and how long they spend on your content.

Making Backlinks Happen

Backlinks are essential to high-ranking blogs. Rankings are also correlated with the number of domains linked to a page, so having backlinks from more than one site is crucial. To help your website rank higher, it’s important to note that the backlinks must come from authoritative domains. Rather than focusing on long content, it might be easier to gain these backlinks with shorter, high-quality content.

Discuss Important Content Elements With Our Team

It is a myth that higher word counts always lead to a higher ranking on Google. Although word count is a factor to keep in mind, it is not the most important for SEO ranking. Mastering the science of content marketing takes some time, but agencies like BluShark Digital are here to help your company rank at the top. Contact us today for a consultation.