Branded Keywords: A Worthwhile Investment for High-Ranked Practices

As it’s commonly said: It’s hard to get to the top, but it’s even harder to stay there. This saying can be true when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), too.

The practice of SEO is never complete or over for many reasons. For example, the ways in which Google algorithms often change and competition is working at their SEO make SEO a process that needs consistent attention for continued success.

Even if your practice ranks at the top of the Search engine results page (SERP), it may not necessarily be for the right reasons. One way you can work on your SEO even when your business ranks #1 on Google is through branded keywords. Branded keywords are paid ads for a site that can be more tailored and cost-effective for your practice.  

Why Should I Pay for Ads When My Site Ranks?

This is a great question. While it may feel redundant to pay for branded content when your practice ranks high, especially at #1, this is not the case. Below are some core reasons that branded keywords are useful, no matter your current SEO standing.

Brand Awareness

Studies have shown time and time again that Google users associate position on the search engine with the validity of the result. Ads are often placed directly below the search bar, making them the highest position on the SERP. In this way, even if your organic ranking is #1, if another practice has a paid ad above this, you may not be the first website a potential client visits. On the other hand, having a paid ad and a #1 organic ranking can solidify your chances of gaining a new client through increased brand awareness.

Accuracy on SERPs is also a benefit of branded content. Search engine marketing has become such a crucial aspect of people’s lives because of the accuracy of search engine results. The goal is to show up on users’ SERPs that are actually likely to use your service. You want to show up on the pages of those who have searched for you or your service. Ads can also include messages catered to the user and the user’s search, drawing them in even more, as the message may be tailored to exactly what they needed.


The sheer economic benefit of investing in branded ads cannot be overlooked. Search engines charge a surplus for clicks on competitor terms. This is based on the lower relevance of your ad and landing page. Competitor clicks have ranged from 5-25 times more expensive than brand clicks. This is a number that you cannot ignore. While you may not feel the need to pay for clicks when you already receive clicks, paid ads are an investment that, in the long run, will pay off in both number of clicks overall and cost-per-click.

For more personalized guidance and assistance with your practice’s SEO and to explore the benefits of branded keywords further, contact BluShark Digital today. Whether your company ranks #1 on Google or does not rank at all, we will be committed to your success.