Are Google Ads Worth Your Money?

Google Ads are a widely used tool that allows businesses to promote their products and services online. You know those ads at the top and bottom of your search results? Those are Google Ads. While they may seem annoying to the everyday online shopper, they drive more traffic than you think. Advertisers must bid for specific keywords for an ad to earn that top spot on your screen. If your web query best matches these “keywords,” ads will appear. But like most tools, there are pros and cons.

The Pros

The power of Google is unmatched. As the most widely used search engine, the platform generates thousands of searches per second. If your business is lacking online traffic, here are some reasons you may want to investigate Google Ads:

  1. Instant Results

SEO can take months to generate a positive outcome. Blogs, social media posts, and other digital content methods can take much longer to be seen organically. With the help of Google’s Ad program, companies can reach viewers immediately.

  1. The Ability to Experiment and Target an Audience

Google Ads allow you to choose the demographic you want to promote to. In return, this cuts the cost of wasteless promotion.

  1. Full Budget Control

Whether you have $50 or $5,000 to spend on advertising does not matter. Google will automatically stop running your ads once you hit your monthly financial cap. This inclusive system allows for a variety of businesses to participate in running ads, regardless of how much money they have to spend.

The Cons

Every service has its drawbacks. While Google Ads can help push a business in the right direction, the ads alone won’t guarantee instant financial success. Here’s a look at the disadvantages Google Ads may come with:

  1. Goes Beyond the Ads Themselves

While you may have an excellent ad attracting new customers, it’s ultimately up to your website to convince buyers to purchase your product/service. If the ad leads to an untrustworthy site with a poor user experience, the buyer will most likely exit out. This emphasizes the importance of having quality content and a fast website with good user experience (UX).

  1. Takes Time

Like any new platform, it takes time to understand how it produces desired results. With the help of a marketing agency, however, experts can reduce the amount of time spent figuring out how Google Ads can best suit your needs.

  1. Competition Increasing Cost Per Click

Any industry with fierce competitors is bound to have a high cost-per-click. If you don’t have the means to increase your bid on a keyword, your website could be pushed to the bottom of Google’s search results.

Wrapping Up

As our world becomes more digital, businesses must adapt to online forms of paid promotion. With the help of Google Ads, companies ranging in size, experience, and budget could boost additional traffic to their sites. Despite the tool’s downsides, Google Ads has raised awareness for many corporations internationally. Call today and learn how we can assist in running your account!