Can Coworking Spaces Qualify for a Google Business Listing?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have shifted to telework and other virtual office options. As companies begin to consider returning to the office, some are looking at coworking spaces as a means to provide flexible workplace solutions. While this option makes sense from a logistical perspective, some business owners wonder if these coworking spaces still qualify for a Google business listing. Recently, Google has provided new requirements for a business profile operating in a coworking space.

In-Person Contact with Customers

For these coworking spaces to qualify for a Google business listing, a company must make in-person contact with customers at this stated location. While there are still limitations to this contact due to COVID-19, having a proper address for business use is required.

Likewise, your business location must be staffed during the listed business hours to help serve clients. If the coworking situation involves a part-time in-person solution, your business listing may be rejected.

A business listing’s ultimate purpose for Google is to provide a physical location for users to visit. When the address is only temporarily staffed, users may be confused or annoyed. Google wants to avoid these issues for its users.

Displaying Signage

You must display clear business signage at the coworking space to qualify for a Google business listing, which helps your customers identify where to visit for an appointment. Having signage helps communicate permanency to a location space and shows Google that your business is legitimate.

This may be difficult to accomplish if your business is operating out of a temporary coworking site. To create and verify the Google Business Profile listing, you may need to work with the coworking property owner to display the proper permanent signage.

Do Not Falsify Business Location Information

When creating any Google business listing, you should never lie or provide false information. Although coworking spaces present their own unique issues, do not make up information to make it seem like your business has its own location.

For example, do not make up a suite number for your business. Either Google will find out or your customers may become confused. This decision may ultimately hurt your case for a business listing. To help meet this requirement, consider reserving a specific place for your business within the coworking space.

Ensure the Coworking Property is Eligible for Verification

The Google Business Profile listing policy outlines that some properties, like places of residence, are ineligible for verification. Before renting a coworking space, ensure that the location meets your business’ needs and the aforementioned criteria.

What to Consider when Making a Google Business Listing

Finally, to qualify for a Google Business Profile listing, it is important to know and follow the rules. The following are some important guidelines the business listing must meet to avoid penalties:

  • Input your business name as it appears on your signage and official business documents
  • Provide a phone number that is controlled by your business and not an outside organization
  • Supply accurate business hours
  • Use as few categories as possible to describe what your business does and what services you provide
  • Keep in mind what information is most useful to those searching for your business

By adhering to Google’s business guidelines, you can create and maintain a listing that helps potential customers find you. As in-person business resumes, it is important to consider how this return may impact your online presence. Overall, it is essential to know what the rules are for Google Business Profile listings and to adhere to them at all times to avoid penalties.