Crafting Your Firm’s Mission to Inspire Your Team

06 Jan, 2023 Tips & Help

Building a solid team is essential for creating a great firm. Many components go into crafting the best team possible, one of which is creating an inspirational mission statement. These statements can be used to drive your clients to the firm and motivate your team to continue to follow the vision and values incorporated into the mission statement, curating a strong and aligned firm.

What is a Law Firm’s Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a summary that outlines the company’s purpose, values, and goals. More specifically, a firm’s mission statement is a statement that describes what the firm strives to do for clients and the steps that its plans to take to accomplish these goals. These are helpful because, in addition to helping a firm set its goals, it allows the firm also to create business strategies. The mission statement focuses on the future of the firm and the influence that it aspires to have on its clients.

How to Build the Perfect Mission Statement

Building the perfect mission statement looks different for every firm. The mission that you set varies based on the goals and vision that you have for your firm. However, there are a few consistent things. A good mission statement clearly describes the firm’s purpose, including why clients should pick your firm and how you may serve them. It also includes your firm’s values. What is at the core of the firm? What do all your team members believe and practice? Lastly, your mission statement should suggest unique factors that differentiate your team and firm from others. These components inspire your team by creating underlying guidelines for them to follow.

How Mission Statements Inspire your Team

Having a clear and concise statement that represents your firm allows your team to have a better understanding of the firm and creates a guide for them to follow. It also allows your team to further understand these beliefs and how they may align and connect with them, inspiring them to use them in everyday work and client interactions. A mission statement is a perfect way to guide your business and client interactions and a great way to build a community among your team.