Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Team Engaged

12 Dec, 2022 Tips & Help, Uncategorized

Times have changed. The work environment post-pandemic has taken a turn and has created a new norm that no one could have foreseen coming. In the digitized age where working from home is the reality for most people, it is essential as an employer to keep your team engaged and active during their day-to-day activities. This blog will explore the top 5 tips suggested to keep your team engaged.

1. Strong Management and Team Building

To ensure that a team is thriving within a collaborative environment that is hybrid or even entirely virtual, managers must establish practices that encourage teams to do so. A strong management team that can create and maintain these practices can assist in creating a thriving work environment. Some ways that managers can do this is by:

  • Scheduling casual virtual check-ins with employees.
  • Coming up with virtual bonding events like lunches and other engaging activities to connect company community members.
  • Create buddy systems and mentor/mentee experiences between seasoned and new employees.

Doing the previously mentioned practices can assist in establishing a virtual work environment that feels more personalized and closer to the face-to-face interactions that usually would occur.

2. Creating Repeatable Processes

Another important aspect is creating systems and daily routines that employees can get used to that engages them in their work. You can do this by creating repeatable processes through technological platforms. Having dashboards that express an individual’s daily tasks and priorities can ensure that employees are productive and efficient throughout their workdays. Such platforms also allow individuals to collaborate, understand their responsibilities, and align with the team so everyone is always on the same page. This type of collaboration ensures that the team stays engaged throughout the day because they clearly understand their expectations when it comes to their work.

3. Monitor Your Teams Productivity

In addition to using technology to create repeatable processes, these platforms can also help manage teams’ productivity. Certain apps can track and record employee productivity. This information can go towards performance reviews and even rewards and compensation to encourage employees to perform well and be active in their at-home environments.

4. Being Flexible

As much as we may try to mirror the in-person work environment to the at-home work experience, we must face the reality that there are significant differences between the two. An at-home work experience invites numerous distractions and merges one’s personal day-to-day life with their work life. Thus, a solution to eliminating such distractions and ensuring that employees are focused on their work during work time is being flexible with work hours. As an employer, it is vital to acknowledge that you understand that the typical nine-to-five schedule in a virtual work environment is no longer the norm and to allow flexibility in their employee’s schedules.

5. Collaboration

Collaboration is a huge part of engagement within the workplace. There are numerous ways to encourage collaboration among employees. This collaboration can happen through different work platforms or asynchronous and synchronous activities. Instead, it posts updates for individuals to see on their times or google docs, meetings, and Microsoft teams that allow them to work together in real-time. These collaborative efforts are essential in elevating and maintaining a dynamic environment in a team.