Google Bard is Now Gemini, What’s New?

13 Mar, 2024 Google News

Like most technology-focused companies occupying Silicon Valley, Google has been trying to break into the artificial intelligence, or AI, game these last few months. With other popular platforms like ChatGPT taking center stage, Google Bard has been struggling to take up market share in this growing branch of the technology industry.

In their most recent development, Google Bard is getting a facelift with a rebrand under the name “Gemini.” However, this effort is more than just a rebrand. It appears that Google’s strategy for 2024 is going to heavily center around Gemini and, by analyzing their current plans for Gemini’s rollout, we can make predictions about where this technology may be going in the coming year.

What Is Gemini and What Does It Do?

Google Gemini was launched in December 2023 as a renamed version of Google Bard. If you are familiar with Google Bard’s platform, then this “new” program will look identical to the interface you are accustomed to. The only visual change is the URL, which has changed from to Google’s plan with this name change is to make their product more distinct and make future product rollouts simpler to connect to the Gemini name.

Since its introduction, Gemini has become an optional AI assistant for Android devices and has been implemented into the iOS Google App. It appears that Google may be making another attempt at implementing AI features into their search function, much like they attempted to do with the introduction of Generative AI in the middle of last year. It is likely that Gemini will be incorporated into the search generative experience (SGE) throughout the coming months.

Duet AI

While Gemini has already taken over Google Bard’s name, there is another Google product that Gemini is likely to overtake. Duet AI has been making the rounds these past few months in incorporating AI into popular Google products including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. Gemini will likely be overtaking Duet AI and eventually bring all of Google’s AI offerings under the single name of “Gemini.”

Other Plans for Gemini’s Expansion

There are already plans to expand Gemini over the course of 2024. Google has announced that Gemini will be getting its own app which, once downloaded, will allow the user to make Gemini their system’s default AI assistant. This strategy is a clear attempt at competing with ChatGPT, which has been dominating the AI market for over a year.

Not only has Google announced the upcoming Gemini app, but there will also be a paid version called Gemini Advanced. This subscription would be bundled with Google One subscriptions for $19.99 per month. There will be a two-month free trial to test out the software processed by Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google’s strongest processing platform, so that Gemini can process more complex tasks. Gemini Advanced is available in over 150 countries, but currently only supports English with plans to expand into other languages. By paying for this version, users will be able to use Gemini with Google products that once supported Duet AI and will eventually be able to use the platform for multimodal features, coding, and data analysis.

The future of AI is unclear as its impact on social, cultural, economic, and legal spaces is still mostly unknown. While some are concerned about AI’s expansion into the job market, others are excited for the aid AI can provide in completing their work tasks. Concerns about AI art continue to circulate as large technology companies like Adobe and Canva discuss ways to watermark AI images and protect human artists’ works. There are discussions of making certain kinds of AI generation illegal, such as deepfakes of politicians or other sociocultural leaders. While all of these factors are uncertain, there is one thing that is clear: AI is the future. We just have to wait and see what that future looks like.

Prepare for the Future of AI

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