Google Bard Opens Limited Access Waitlist For Select Users

31 Mar, 2023 Google News

Google has opened up limited access to Bard, its version of ChatGPT and other AI chatbots, to the public. While prospective users in the US and UK can now sign up to join the waitlist at, Google has stated that the rollout process will be slow and has yet to provide a date for general public access.

While many users are still waiting to gain access, those who have gotten the chance to try the chatbot noted it is faster at generating responses than its rivals and seems to have the same potential capabilities. However, this could just be the result of Bard currently having fewer users overall. Bard seems to be lacking in some areas, like the clearly labeled footnotes provided by other chatbots.

Bard Is Not Search

It’s important to remember that Bard, like other AI chatbots, is not a replacement for search. Google has stressed that Bard should be used alongside search as a way to generate ideas and inspire users. Furthermore, Bard is still in the early stages, meaning it will not always provide accurate results, so it’s best not to rely on AI chatbots for the time being.

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