Google to Unveil Chatbot Feature Bard in Search

22 Feb, 2023 Google News

According to a recent update from Google, a new chatbot called “Bard” is expected to release sometime in the near future this year. This comes shortly after OpenAI and Microsoft announced the implementation of some ChatGPT features in Bing Search.

In the months since the wide introduction of ChatGPT to the public, AI has been a hot topic. Many SEO industry experts have wondered what Bard will look like in Search and how it will impact the way people use search engines. Although there is no confirmation of what Google Bard will look like when it rolls out in Search, there are initial renderings of how it may appear. Google is still actively testing and refining this new chatbot feature and gathering feedback before its wide release to the public. With ChatGPT beginning its public rollout on Bing, many predict that Bard will follow soon.

What Will Bard Look Like?

In Google’s first exhibits, the chatbot shows up at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) after a user asks a question in Search. One example recently displayed by Google features the question, “Is piano or guitar easier to learn and how much practice does each need?” This is followed by a three-sentence response generated in real-time, stating that many believe both are easy to learn, but it usually takes more piano practice to reach an intermediate level. Following the Bard AI-generated answer, citations to read more about each answer are presented in a carousel format. After the carousel, traditional search results are presented below in the usual Google style.

What This Means

We don’t know yet how this will affect Search in the long run, but we might see more AI-generated results alongside traditional website results in the future. Although this is not a radical change from traditional Google, the new chatbot could impact future SEO efforts to achieve high SERP rankings and appear on AI-generated results. Additionally, Google announced that they plan to showcase over 20 new products this year exhibiting new features of search and Bard.

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