Google December Link Spam Algorithm Update Finishes

10 Feb, 2023 Google News

Google announced that it has finally completed its rollout of the December 2022 link spam update. Because this update occurred during the holiday season, the update took longer than many expected. This news also accompanies the end of the December 2022 helpful content update, which aimed to improve the quality of content shown to users in search results. If you have seen noticeable fluctuations in your rankings, one of these updates may be the cause.

What Was the December Link Spam Update?

This update aimed to improve Google’s ability to identify link spamming on the internet and nullify new and existing forms of spam. This is in addition to Google’s SpamBrain, an AI spam prevention system launched years ago for the same purpose of link spam detection. In an earlier statement released in December, Google stated, “As we have always emphasized, links obtained primarily for artificial manipulation of search rankings are link spam. Our algorithms and manual actions aim to nullify these unnatural links at scale, and we will continue to improve our coverage.” In the same statement, Google also mentioned that rankings attempting to use dishonest links could see a rankings change during this time.

Moving Forward From This Update

If your website is seeing downward changes in SERP rankings on Google, it may be because of this update. This is neither the first nor the last of these link spam updates, so it is vital to ensure your website and content are adhering to proper Google guidelines. If you were not struck hard by this rankings update but believe you could be using spammy links, it is beneficial to audit your current link-building strategies to avoid penalties from Google in the future.

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