Google Developing New AI-Powered Search Engine and Additional Search Features

27 Apr, 2023 AI, Google News

According to recent reports, Google is devising a brand-new search engine powered by artificial intelligence while also adding additional features to the existing Google Search platform. This new search engine would reimagine the user experience to be much more personalized. While the new engine is in the early stages, Google is building improved features inspired by AI in the present Google Search. This news comes on the heels of the rise of ChatGPT and the incorporation of AI chatbot features into the new Bing, which posed a legitimate risk to Google’s search engine dominance.

What Might a New Engine Look Like?

An article from the New York Times outlines fresh updates on the plans for a new search engine from Google. Although the development of this new search engine is still in its infancy with no definitive timeline, early information suggests an AI-powered, conversational-style search engine with personalized, tailor-made responses. As people utilize the search engine to find information on the internet, the search engine would learn what users want to know based on past searches, customizing responses and offering users suggestions for purchases and further queries.

Google and Developments Under Project Magi

While developing this new search engine, Google has started a project to enhance their current search, code-named Project Magi. According to the New York Times, Google has more than 160 people working full-time on this project. Features emerging from Project Magi are intended to improve and personalize the overall experience for searchers using artificial intelligence like Bard. Developments from Project Magi could also keep search advertisements firmly incorporated into AI queries that might lead to financial or business-related transactions, which differs from how Bard works now.

Some new features by Google include GIFI, an AI tool for making images; Tivoli Tutor, which would help people learn a new language through AI discussions; and Searchalong, a chatbot designed for surfing the web. Additionally, Google is exploring AI technology for mapping and a chatbot for discovering music.

Stay Up-to-Date with the New Google Features

Every day, users conduct billions of Google Searches to find information online, from seeking advice to looking for businesses, to conducting medical diagnoses. With Google Search adapting to keep up with developments in AI, the way billions of people discover information online could change drastically. Working with an experienced, professional digital marketing agency like BluShark Digital can help your business stay up-to-date on the digital world and boost your presence online.