Google Dropping Continuous Scroll in Search Results

02 Jul, 2024 Google News

Google often tweaks its user experience with the goal of optimizing the search process so users can find what they need quickly and efficiently.

However, not all of Google’s experiments hit the mark. Instances like these lead Google to roll back features or make additional adjustments based on user feedback and data analytics.

One classic case of this is Google’s decision to drop the continuous scroll feature in search results starting June 25th.

A Brief Run

Google introduced continuous scrolling back in October 2021 for mobile and later brought it to desktop users by December 2022. Google rolled this feature out first in the U.S., aiming to streamline the search experience.

Essentially, they wanted to reduce the hassle of clicking “next page” a million times—you could just keep scrolling through results endlessly (or at least until you run out of things to search). While it had its moments under the spotlight, this feature only stuck around on desktops for about a year and a half before Google decided to pull it back. It seems not all innovations are destined for permanence.

Google’s Take on Dropping Continuous Scroll

According to a Google spokesperson, they are phasing out continuous scroll on desktop search results first, with plans to do the same on mobile soon.

Instead of endlessly scrolling, you will hit a “Next” button for more pages on the desktop and a “More results” button on mobile (like it was in the past). The reason behind the backtracking is that Google aims to speed up how results are delivered by only loading what is requested by us users—not just continuously piling it on.

Google also found that adding more to the user’s plate without them asking did not really make users happier with their searches. So, for now, it is back to a bit of old-school clicking.

Impact on First Page Rankings

When Google introduced continuous scrolling, it shook things up for website owners. Typically, snagging a spot on the first page of Google’s search results was like hitting gold because few users ventured to the second page. With endless scrolling, lower-ranking sites suddenly got more visibility as users kept scrolling down rather than clicking over to the next page.

Now that we are pivoting back to pagination—clicking “next” or “more results,” for example—we might see a shift in traffic direction. Those top spots will likely regain their previous importance and potentially increase click-through rates for higher-ranked pages more than those buried deeper in rankings. This could mean rethinking strategies for some sites aiming to climb up from those lower ranks.

Navigating SEO With Help

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