SEO Strategies Explained

21 Jun, 2024 Organic SEO Strategies

On a recent episode of SEO insider, Seth Price, founder of BluShark and Gyi Tsakalakis from AttorneySync, discuss the various aspects of local search and SEO strategies. The pair goes into legal SEO, Gyi relaying his expertise as he is a formidable investor in early stage tech startups in the legal space.

The Need for SEO

Seth emphasizes the need for SEO is greater now than ever because paid search is becoming harder to accomplish. SEO involves making sure all the different parts of a company are aligned. There is no singular method to apply SEO and it actually depends on what objectives a business is trying to accomplish. There are many factors that go into what makes a business mature and succeed.

SEO can help with ranking, however if you have negative or no reviews, or your business does not have good customer service, SEO can only do so much.

SEO Strategies

SEO can help your business grow and gain traction, and there are some key strategies that increase visibility and attract more clients. It is important to produce quality content that addresses the specific needs and consents of potential clients. This does not only include written content but the integration of videos and podcasts. Attracting a local customer base through SEO can help serve clients based on geographic location. This can include obtaining local backlinks or optimizing Google Business Profiles.

Technical SEO is used to advance well-structured websites that are easy to navigate, fast moving, and mobile-friendly. Some of the strategies used in technical SEO are schema markups, highlighting local speeds, and site architecture. Link building is another effective strategy of SEO that involves acquiring backlinks from reputable sources. There is a lot of value in building relationships with other websites to leverage local and industry-specific directories. Tracking and analytics are tools that measure the success of SEO efforts. Informed decisions should be made based using the data and also to continually refine SEO strategies. Lastly, user experience is integral to SEO because a positive user experience can impact the search of your company, This includes site design, website meets user intent, and ease of navigation.

SEO is constantly innovating to help you improve the way you grow your business. Work with the team at BluShark Digital to help you create an individualized SEO strategy.