How to Create Engaging Video Content

Videos are an excellent way for law firms to engage with their target audience and share content they enjoy creating. Informative videos are great at getting your message across, but they might not always grab the attention of potential clients.

Whatever video content your firm wants to create, you must put thought into the process. At a minimum, use a mobile device to record short videos of yourself. As you become more confident recording videos, put more effort into the production value, such as by wearing a small microphone, bringing in better lighting, and editing your videos to make them look more professional. Also, make sure you are responding to video comments or delegating that responsibility to another person on your team; this way, you are able to build a relationship with potential clients.

Finding the Right Balance

While it is essential to be friendly on camera, there is a balance between being too serious and too easygoing. Try weaving in creativity and using a more professional call to action to find the right balance. Ask yourself questions about what makes your firm unique and how you can engage your audience. Additionally, sharing what your firm’s lawyers are passionate about shows a more approachable side to your viewers.

Creating long-form videos can bring your target audience back to your YouTube channel or Facebook page. This can help you develop a niche unique to your firm. You can also reach potential clients with a live event appearance where people can ask you legal questions in person. This connection is important to explain your expertise and build trust with your target audience.

Organizing Your Online Presence

It is crucial to understand the different types of social media platforms to organize the videos you plan on creating. For example, if you plan on posting videos on TikTok or Instagram, you may want to record the video vertically rather than horizontally. The content must also resonate with the audience on that particular platform.

Contact BluShark Digital to learn more about video marketing and what we can do for your firm. For more information on developing video content and having engaging, meaningful client conversations, check out our recent podcast with Jeremy Corray, Emmy-winner and the Executive Vice President of Coolfire Studios.