Unveiling Local Search Secrets and SEO Tips

06 May, 2024 Organic SEO Strategies

On the latest episode of SEO Insider, Seth Price, CEO of BluShark Digital sits down with Colan Nielsen, Vice President of Local Search at Sterling Sky Inc., and dives deep into the importance of GPB reviews, and SEO strategy.

The Magic of 10 Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important elements of your Google Business Profile, as it can affect your ranking. For example, when your GBP hits 10 reviews, it will receive a ranking boost. However, your review count can affect your local ranking negatively as well, if you have had a consistent number of reviews for a couple of years, and this suddenly declines. Additionally, reviews are important beyond rankings because the number of reviews your business has can be a deciding factor for a reader to call your firm over other law firms.

What Should Your Rating Be?

On your GBP, besides your reviews, the rating also plays an important role for ranking and to persuade readers to pick your law firm. You should always aim for a rating above 4.2/4.3, above this there is not much of an impact on rankings, but if you are below 4.2, this will hurt your local rank.

Importance of Strategy

With constant Google updates, fine tuning your SEO strategy is one of the most important ways to stay ahead of the curve. For local search ranking factors, keep in mind that there are three crucial pillars:

  • Relevance
  • Distance
  • Prominence

Keeping each pillar in mind for your strategy will allow you to be prepared for any Google update. Back in 2021, the vicinity Google update, completely altered the local search landscape for everyone. Businesses had to then consider their distance when targeting their SEO practices and the ones who didn’t suffered in rankings indefinitely.

Staying One Step Ahead With BluShark Digital

As you consider how to shift your strategy when the next wave of Google updates hit, remember that what you prioritize matters. Having a strategy that considers the three pillars is key, however keep in mind that authenticity will help you in the long run, with your rankings, SEO, and with your audience. At BluShark Digital, our team gets ahead of new Google updates because we know how much it matters for your SEO and your business. Call us today to learn more.