Key SEO trends for 2024

2024 is here, meaning that new revolutionary trends for SEO have come along with it! This is an exciting time for digital marketing and the evolution of the ever-evolving world of SEO. With this change, it is important for digital marketers to be adaptive in order to excel in this new era. As we enter the new year, the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with established frameworks is opening doors as one of the biggest trends. AI is creating fresh content streams and innovative ways to engage audiences across various channels– emerging as one of the largest trends to be aware of in 2024.

The Rise in Artificial Intelligence

AI’s integration into SEO and marketing workflows has become the new norm. In  2023, we witnessed AI’s enhancement of hundreds of SEO and martech products. According to a Mailchimp survey, 88% of marketers believe that increased automation and AI usage are crucial for meeting customer expectations and staying competitive.

Wix, a three-time Google Cloud partner award winner, has been at the forefront of successfully incorporating AI into its systems for almost a decade. While generative AI tools like AI summaries and image generators have become commonplace, Wix has taken a step further, leveraging AI in its SEO tools for more than just parlor tricks. The company has implemented tools like the Create AI text tool, AI Image generator, AI Meta Tag Generator, and Responsive AI within Wix Studio, demonstrating how AI can enhance existing frameworks and providing SEOs with valuable tools for generating keyword-focused copy, creating illustrative images, optimizing meta tags, and adapting web pages to different screen sizes. Setting the example, many companies have followed suit in league and will continue to implement the merge of SEO and AI.

A Look Ahead in AI

Looking ahead to 2024, the trend of AI integration is expected to become even more common and complex. Those with robust marketing foundations will find themselves well-placed to leverage the power of AI for innovative client solutions beyond the initial fascination with these technologies.

The rise of AI will also impact the landscape for headless Content Management Systems (CMSs) in 2024. Unlike traditional CMS, headless CMS is a tool that separates the backend and frontend, allowing developers and SEOs greater flexibility in displaying content across a wide range of platforms. Wix Headless, introduced in response to the growing trend, empowers developers to use Wix frontend systems with a variety of tech stacks, creating more fluid opportunities for growth and experimentation. This trending increase in the use of such tools can lead to innovative solutions for dynamic content delivery and personalized user experiences. The collaboration between AI advancements and headless CMS platforms like Wix Headless will redefine the way businesses engage with their audiences encouraging more agile and responsive digital presences.

Feed Management and SEO

Feed management is another emerging and critical skill for Search Engine Optimizers in 2024. Google’s shift towards segmenting content via APIs and differentiated feeds, such as Google Merchant Center, Google News, and Google Business Profile, emphasizes the need for careful feed optimization. With channels being separated, it is important for SEOs to carefully tend to each, ensuring that all channels are optimized and eliminating the errors that can come about if left unmanaged. As previously shown, Wix’s experience reveals the significance of managing dedicated feeds, as clients have struggled to get indexed in other ways, emphasizing the non-negotiable nature of participating in the segmentation of feeds.

As we enter and navigate through 2024, SEOs equipped with solid data, marketing foundations, and an extensive understanding of AI, headless CMS, and feed management will undoubtedly position themselves to be at the forefront of digital evolution. These key SEO trends have already begun to reveal themselves as crucial tools for digital marketers to adapt to. In doing so, businesses can position themselves to be leaders in SEO and further drive their business success. Reach out to the team at BluShark Digital for individualized guidance and support.