Google Revises Headline Guidelines in Article Structure Data

Using an appropriate headline is crucial to grab the attention of readers online. Great headlines stand out among the clutter on Google and increase traffic to your article, blog post, or website. Not only are appropriate headlines vital to bringing in traffic, but they are also a key component of a comprehensive SEO strategy. Headlines must be structured correctly for Google bots to properly crawl and identify your website. Utilizing the proper format can also increase the likelihood that your pages display higher in search rankings or even garner a rich result on a Google SERPs page.

What Changed?

In this update of the Article structured data guidelines, Google declared the removal of a 110-character limit. Although headlines rarely contain this many characters, these previous guidelines presented a tangible limit on how long a headline could be. Now, Google has completely removed this character maximum.

Per Google, the new recommendation states, “There’s no hard character limit; instead, we recommend that you write concise titles as long titles may be truncated on some devices.”

Looking Ahead

It’s a good idea to review the other recommended properties for the article objects listed. Ensuring your properties, such as author, dates, and images, are fully optimized on your web pages is also a significant part of a calculated SEO content strategy.

With this update, Google encourages focusing on how an article’s headline will appear to users across various platforms. Google wants to ensure your headlines are user-friendly and consistent with your written content.

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