Google Search Testing Search In Video

19 Jan, 2023 Google Features

As of November 2022, up to 92.2 percent of all internet searches were done on Google. Although Google has gained ubiquity in the modern age, it is not the oldest search engine. Search engines like Veronica, Jughead, and Archie preceded Google but were limited in their capabilities. As a result, Veronica and Jughead went extinct, while Archie only currently exists for historical purposes.

One aspect that set Google apart from its competition was its capability to search across different media. In the early 2000s, users could browse news articles, websites, videos, and images by typing a query in the search bar. However, the quality of search results in the early days of Google was much lower. Today, the sheer increase in the amount of available information on the Internet, as well as improvements to the search algorithms, make Google more effective and user-friendly.

Search In Video Updates

The latest update to Google search capabilities is its search in video feature, which was announced late last year and is still in the testing phase. According to Google, the feature was piloted in India. However, some internet users in the US have reportedly seen the feature, meaning that Google could also be testing it here.

Although skimming through images and text for information is fairly easy, the same cannot be said of video content. The new feature seeks to address this and make it easier for users to quickly find what they are looking for within video content.

How Does the Search In Video Feature Work?

Before, you had to watch entire sections of video to find the information you needed. Google’s previous “In This Video” feature showed timelines organizing videos into general topics or chapters. However, the feature did not show the exact timestamp of a target phrase, meaning a user would have to watch entire segments to find the relevant information.

Now, Google allows users to type a phrase in the “search in the video” option. This yields results showing the time in the video where the phrase occurs. This update is a great tool for researchers looking to expedite the process of finding relevant portions of videos. The feature can also be useful when watching videos for entertainment; if a user has a favorite scene they wish to watch first, they can search a phrase and find the related sections of the video.

Optimizing for Google Search In Video

The new update uses advanced auto transcription technology. As long as Google offers transcriptions for the language used in the video, viewers can use the search in video feature. Marketers posting video content should ensure that their audio is clear enough for Google bots to accurately transcribe it. For more information on optimizing your content to prepare for Google’s search in video update, reach out to BluShark Digital today.