Google’s February 2023 Product Reviews Update: What to Know

04 May, 2023 Google News

Google recently announced the release of the February 2023 Product Reviews Update, which applies globally to eleven languages and will take approximately two weeks to fully roll out. This update comes with a clarification on the existing Product Reviews update guidance.

Change to Product Reviews Guidance

The February 2023 Product Reviews Update is accompanied by a change in the existing Product Reviews update guidance. The update aims to provide a better understanding of the product reviews system and its evaluation factors, such as the reviewer’s expertise, the review’s trustworthiness, and the quality of the content. The guidance also includes a set of new ranking signals that will be used to evaluate product review content. Websites that publish high-quality, informative product review content are likely to see an improvement in their search rankings as a result of the update.

About the New System

Google’s Product Reviews System filters out low-quality content that offers little value to users, such as shallow summaries or generic information. The goal is to surface high-quality product reviews that provide actual insights and are based on comprehensive research and experience. In addition to the update, Google also released updated guidance for publishers on creating high-quality product review content that meets the new ranking signals. Google provided recommendations such as using a clear rating system, offering detailed product information, and avoiding overly promotional language. Following these guidelines can help publishers improve their content’s quality and visibility in search results.

Product Reviews Update for Eleven Languages

The update announcement makes a specific reference to the fact that it is rolling out to eleven languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

What To Do If a Site is Affected by the Update

If a website is affected by the update, it’s important to understand that the changes in search rankings might not be permanent. In other words, the website’s ranking may decrease or increase temporarily due to the update. However, it’s best to avoid taking drastic actions, such as changing your entire content strategy or over-optimizing your website to regain its position in search results. Instead, it’s recommended that you wait a few weeks after the update is rolled out and then assess the impact on your website’s traffic and rankings. If there are significant changes that require attention, website owners can focus on improving the quality and relevance of their product review content by following the updated guidelines provided by Google.

Stay Informed on Google Updates

Website owners should be aware of the upcoming February 2023 Product Reviews Update and the changes it may bring to their website rankings. By being informed of the changes and understanding the focus of the product reviews system, website owners can be better prepared for any ranking changes that may occur. Additionally, they can ensure that their product reviews provide real value to consumers, which will ultimately benefit their website in the long term.

As always, it is important to stay informed of any updates from Google and adjust SEO strategies accordingly to stay ahead of the competition. Contact BluShark Digital for more information.