Google’s New Multisearch Feature 

30 Jan, 2023 Google Features

To help combat difficult search queries, Google rolled out its new app search feature, the multisearch, this past fall. To help users uncover information that may be hard to search for, this new tool uses AI to allow users to carry out searches using keywords and images simultaneously.

How Does Multisearch Work?

Google’s multisearch feature is powered by advanced AI systems to comprehend search queries and deliver the best results for users. Ideally, when you search for an object by photo, the AI will refine the results based on brand, color, visual attribute, and more to provide the desired result. Google is continuously exploring their AI and has continued to experiment with their AI system called MUM (Multi-task Unified Model) to further advance their technology like the multisearch tool.

Regarding functionality, users can open the app, take a quick picture or upload one from their existing photos, and type in a desired keyword to refine the search. For example, if you take a picture of a white dress and type in the keyword “blue,” the multisearch feature will pull relevant information for similar types of dresses in the color blue.

How is Multisearch Helpful?

The point of this new feature is that it can assist users by removing irrelevant search results and providing more refined and precise information. As of right now, this tool would be most useful when searching for retail goods like clothing, home goods, and food. It is meant to help users find and connect with local businesses.

There are also plans for this feature to expand to support over 70 languages in the near future.

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