How to Grow Your Online Authority as a Freelance Attorney     

08 Feb, 2023 Tips & Help

Our current and growing digital age allows us to gain visibility and traction at a much lower cost in comparison to old-school advertising tactics, such as traditional methods like newspapers, billboards, and flyers. In order to grow your online authority as a freelance attorney, it is important to build your firm’s online reputation to showcase your knowledge and ability to provide great services.

Build an Online Presence

The first step in growing your online authority is to create a website. Online hosting services such as Wix and WordPress are very reliable, and these services have pre-built templates for websites designed for lawyers and attorneys. Another way to make your website interactive for prospective clients is to have a blog and practice area section. These sections are gateways to sharing your knowledge and expertise in building a legal business. Different types of blog content can include podcasts, tutorials, and reviews from clients. Practice area pages should focus on one practice area per page. Overall, your website should be the foundation of your freelance legal business, and adding these sections can help support your website.

Use Organic Searches To Gain Clients

According to Google, 28% of attorneys retrieve new clients from directories, 31% of clients are referred, and 40% of clients come through Google search. This means that using organic SEO tactics can bring the highest number of clients. Search Engine Optimization targets popular keywords and searches to highlight your website. Optimizing and developing your law firm website allows your website to rank higher and therefore makes it easier for prospective clients to find you.

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To sum it up, a high-quality website that outlines your services is the foundation needed to attract quality leads and clients. Here at BluShark Digital, we have a skilled team devoted to our clients’ success. Our dedicated writers, developers, and strategists can assist you in building an online presence. Contact our team today to learn more about building an online presence and SEO tactics.