How to Manage Your Website for Multiple Locations

11 Jun, 2024 Tips & Help

Having multiple locations for your business is very beneficial, as you can cast a wider net for potential customers. While navigating a website for all of your locations can be tricky if done correctly, customers will be able to navigate your website with ease, and you will be able to target each of your locations.

To ease the process, read our guide on how to optimize your website for multiple locations.

Where To Begin

There are a few ways to go about managing multiple locations. A great way to get started is by creating one website that has introductory information for all of your locations. Here you will want to add each location’s address in the both the top navigation menu and the footer of your homepage. Each of the locations then should have their own individual pages with relevant, original copy.

You should also prioritize adding each of the location’s contact information onto your contact page and create a Google Business Profile for all of the locations. A tip for local SEO is to embed a Google Map for each of the locations to help your business appear in searches.

How to Maintain Local SEO

Updating your SEO tactics based on your locations is important. The following are tips that can help you start refining your SEO:

  • Consider having a distinctive URL for each of the location names, for example “”
  • Avoid general keywords and hone in on keywords that are specific to the location i.e instead of just “car accident lawyer” use “Chesapeake car accident lawyer”
  • Create location pages that have original unique copy instead of simply copying and pasting them with just a different location heading name. Having duplicate content can hurt your SEO
  • Monitor reviews for all of your locations
  • For all of your locations, ensure that your NAP (name, address, and phone number) is consistent

This may seem like a lot to manage, but starting small can make a big difference in who sees your website and who does not.

Evolve Your SEO

If your law firm has multiple locations, you may want to consider implementing a customized SEO strategy for all of your locations. Managing multiple locations on your website is a hefty task, but our skilled team of digital marketing professionals can help you accomplish and exceed your goals. Reach out to BluShark Digital to learn more.