How to Maximize the Value of Your Google Knowledge Panels

01 Apr, 2019 Branding Through SEO

Google is one of the most important and versatile tools in a marketer’s toolbelt. While Google rankings are a key technique in optimizing viewership of your site, there are many other strategies available to businesses and law firms to increase online visibility within the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

One of the strongest SEO tools is the Google Knowledge Panel. A knowledge panel helps build your brand while giving quick and simple information to users, which ultimately results in increased traffic to your site. Knowledge panels are not exclusive to businesses, but can also present basic information on notable people, organizations, disciplines, restaurants, and topics.

The Google Knowledge Panel people are most familiar with is the Google Business Profile (GBP) Knowledge Panel. GBP knowledge panels are primarily used by businesses and typically include the name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and other useful information about the business.


Example of a Google Business Profile Knowledge Panel

What most people do not necessarily realize is that knowledge panels exist in many additional formats. The more information Google is able to obtain on notable individuals, trending topics, organizations, etc. the more Google is able to create knowledge cards with summarized information for an enhanced user experience. The neat thing is that some of these knowledge panels can be claimed and updated with information Google cannot easily find on the internet.

What’s Included in a Professional Knowledge Panel?

The information in knowledge panels varies depending on its focus. For example, the knowledge panel for a notable person may include date of birth (and death if applicable), relatives, spouses, occupation, and education. On the other hand, organizations and businesses may have information such as website, leadership, industry, and sometimes a phone number or address.

Most professional knowledge panels also include a section which highlights the individual or organization’s social media platforms. This section provides great value as it gives users direct access to interact with and learn more about the person or business.

Another interesting aspect of professional knowledge panels is the “people also searched for” section. In this section, Google identifies items such as your competitors or other relevant businesses the user may want to look into.

Below are some examples of knowledge panels.

How Can I Get a Professional Knowledge Panel for my Business?

While there is no way of purchasing or requesting a professional knowledge panel, you can prime Google to create a panel for you by making sure you have relevant content on sites, such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, and social media accounts. Google pulls information from these authoritative resources and then creates a knowledge panel which can be claimed.

Why Should I Claim a Professional Panel for Myself or a Client?

Knowledge panels will become increasingly important as Google continues to evolve the interface and user experience of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google wants to keep users on the SERP as long as possible, so they are taking steps to provide users what they normally would want to access on a website. For example, allowing users to ask questions, message, leave reviews, upload photos, and view menus are all examples of steps Google is taking to keep users on Google.

Simply put, knowledge panels should be integrated into your SEO strategy because this is how your information will primarily be presented to users on branded searches.

You should claim a professional knowledge panel for many reasons. First, it gives you the ability to create a narrative about an individual or a business. You are able to delete wrong information or highlight specific information your audience should know. While you cannot remove competitors from the “people also searched for” section, claiming a professional panel does give exposure that competitors may not have. Claiming your knowledge panel also gives you more real estate on the SERP and tells Google that your business is a trustworthy authority, which is a key factor when it comes to Google rankings.

Ultimately, a claimed knowledge panel gives a business a higher level of validity and authority, which makes it more likely to rank higher on Google search results.

How Do I Claim a Knowledge Panel?

Claiming your knowledge panel can be a complex task, but the potential benefits are worth the work. To start the process, click on the “claim this knowledge” button located on the bottom of the panel. Then you will be prompted to go through the verification process, which involves uploading an ID and providing two different forms of verification demonstrating your connection to the business or organization.

Are you curious to see if you have a professional knowledge panel? — Google yourself or your company name to find out. Your knowledge panel could be waiting to be claimed.