How Your Google Business Profile Photos Impact Your Ranking

It is a common saying – first impressions matter. This mantra carries over into your online business profile. Around 60% of consumers said that first impressions matter when evaluating a local company through their Google Business Profile (GBP) profile.

Establishing a credible online profile is more than just having relevant information regarding your location, hours of operation, website, or phone number, it also means having professional and trustworthy images.

In a study conducted by BrightLocal, a leading provider of SEO services, there appears to be a strong correlation between the number of credible photos on your GBP and your performance in Google’s search algorithm. The study was conducted utilizing GBP insights of 45,000 businesses across 36 industries in 4 countries.

Why Images Are Important with Google Business Profile

There is some truth behind the idea that if your Google Business Profile has quality pictures, you will get more clicks and/or conversions. While it may be true that a business with more photos will earn more conversions in the form of clicks, calls, or direction requests, it is also important to understand how GBP works in your industry.

For some industries, it may not be the best idea to flood your GBP with hundreds of images. Different industries have different needs, and doing your research early on can save you time and energy.

However, the assertion remains true for many businesses that adding more GBP photos increases your visibility when searching for a relevant keyword or product. Sometimes, images of your physical location can help convert. Many people use visuals to make decisions, so if you have a warm and inviting office or a beautiful store front, it could be beneficial to show that off on your Google Business Profile profile.

Many consumers make decisions based on the appearance of the business they are looking to go to. A team photo or photos of the owner could make your business feel more trustworthy to people searching for your services. Credible images in addition to other important factors like a well-designed website and a legitimate phone number could be the difference between a client choosing you or your competition.

The Art of GBP Images

There is a subtle art to the types of images you upload to your Google Business Profile. Google has advised businesses to upload several different types of images for a strong GBP profile:

  • Exterior Photos – Strong exterior photos taken at different times of day can help individuals get your business location. This can also be the first way a person establishes if you are a credible and trustworthy business. Google recommends three of this type of images.
  • Interior Photos – Google recommends at least three interior photos as well as images highlighting any common areas your business may have, such as a reception area or waiting room.
  • Product Photos – If you are offering products, it is beneficial for clients to see the types of items you sell. Including an image of your menu, pricing list, or lists of weekly specials can help a client understand the tone or price range of your

Google also notes that, while these three sections of photos are highly recommended, how you take the images is also important. GBP photos should not be overly polished because clients or customers want to see how the business will look when they arrive. Your photos should be professional but approachable and realistic versus staged and photoshopped. Again, this may vary based on your industry. More professional industries require a polished look to convey confidence to potential leads and clients. A healthy balance of polished and realistic in these cases is best practice.

It is also imperative that you avoid stock photos. Not only will this be a turn off for clients, but Google will remove stock photos because it wants to make sure all GBP profiles have an accurate depiction of what the business is providing. If you are not a natural graphic designer or photographer, there are many services and apps that can help your company build a credible profile with professional photos that highlight the best parts of your business.

Keeping Up with Your Photos on GBP

As your business grows, getting into a routine of updating, adding, and rearranging your Google Business Profile images can help your company engage with clients from the very beginning. By adding photos regularly, you not only keep your GBP up to date with constant posts but also give potential clients a chance to get to know the business before they commit.

By getting into a habit of reviewing images the public adds to your profile, optimizing your own images, and removing any images that are no longer relevant to your business, you can establish a credible and trustworthy appearance on your GBP that will help you stand out among the competition.